Automatic Screw Machines


Automatic screw machines, also known as automatic screw lathes, are mechanical devices used for the high-speed production of turned parts. These machines are specifically designed for the rapid and efficient machining of small to medium-sized components, especially those with a high demand for volume production. They have been widely used in manufacturing industries for decades.

Automatic Screw Machines


Key features and characteristics of automatic screw machines

Multi Spindle

Many automatic screw machines are multi-spindle machines, meaning they have many spindles for holding the workpiece. This setup allows for continuous machining of multiple parts without the need for manual intervention in loading individual workpieces. The rotation of the spindle is what drives the cutting tool to shape the workpiece.

Cam-Operated Mechanism

These machines use a cam-operated mechanism to control the tool movements and workpiece positioning. The cams are responsible for dictating the precise sequence of operations required to produce the desired part.

High Speed and Efficiency

They are designed for high-speed production, which makes them ideal for manufacturing large quantities of small components in a short amount of time.

Precision Machining

They are capable of producing parts with high accuracy and repeatability, making them suitable for applications that require tight tolerances.